‘Twas the Day After Christmas…

after christmas.jpg

‘Twas the day after Christmas
and all through the house,
every creature was stirring,
yes, even the mouse.
The children awaken
surrounded by toys,
they smile and remember
their old Christmas joys.

But as for the rest of us,
to-do lists are back,
and our New Years will suffer
if we think to slack.
There are gifts to return
and sales to explore;
Just like after Thanksgiving,
it’s off to the store!

But for those of us who
aren’t as lucky as that,
it’s another workday;
it’s normal; it’s flat.
And the busyness returns
to our lives – we forget
the joys of days past;
we move on and we let
Christmas slip away
with the new morning light;
we forget its purpose
in stores, as we fight
for the best sales we’ve seen
(for a long month or so).
We need the best deals;
won’t be bothered by snow.

But in this we forget
the true joys of the season,
(though the children, sometimes
remember the reason),
come not from the gifts
of our family and friends –
for that light is fleeting,
and always finds ends.

No, the real joy of Christmas
doesn’t end in a day;
it’s the joy that is knowing
that God made a way
for all of us sinners
to not be alone;
but sent us His son –
our sins to atone.
And the hope that this knowledge
brings us today
should make Christmas last
long past April, or May.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


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