Bob the Burrito


Hello, all!

So, the past few weeks have been crazy – between teaching, co-leading youth-group, starting up a few new piano students, revival, and helping out with Teen Weekend Camp in Peoria (complete with bringing several of the youth-group kids up for camp), my days have been filled with exciting, new experiences, as well as the mediocre daily grind.

But that’s just life.

And besides the story of how I saw my first rattlesnake and my first five tarantulas, there isn’t all that much of note to tell.  God is moving here, that much I know.  I can see some of the groundwork He is laying for a much bigger plan – and I’ll be glad if I get to be a part of it.  But, for the time being, the most interesting part of my life is the antics of my students.

Last week, inspired by several conversations and at the request of a few of my kids, I wrote this strange and silly story which is sure to become the stuff of legend (okay, maybe it’s not legendary – it’s not even that good – but I thought someone might be able to use a laugh!)

Once upon a time, Bob the Burrito lived in Mexico, eating tacos and riding his pet donkey all day long.  Yes, he was a burro-riding burrito.  Bob also like to confuse people while they did math homework by saying random numbers.

Bob liked to eat burritos too… which could be defined as cannibalism but can you really blame him?  Burritos are delicious!

One day, Bob was in the desert with his friend Paco who was working on his math homework.

“Seven!” Called Bob, “Eighteen, sixty-four, forty-two!”

“You sound like you’re calling out football plays,” said Paco the Taco.

“Just doing my best to confuse you,” Bob smiled.

“Thanks,” Paco replied sarcastically.  Then to himself, “x equals the square root of pi divided by – ”


“Stop it!”

This was a typical afternoon for Bob the Burrito and Paco the Taco.

Suddenly, the air was filled with a thundering noise.

“What are you doing now?” Paco asked without looking up from his homework.

“It isn’t me!”

“Then what – ” Paco looked toward the sound and his words caught in his throat.  A cloud of dust was rising up over the horizon.  Paco stared as it billowed, growing larger and larger, taking over the sky.  The cacophony grew louder and louder and Paco’s eyes grew wide with horror.

Finally, Bob saw something in the dust, “Are those – ”

“Llamas!” Paco cried, “Hundreds and hundreds of llamas!”

Paco froze.  Inside he knew he should run but for some reason he couldn’t make himself move from where he sat, staring at the oncoming storm of llamas in disbelief.

Fortunately, Bob the Burrito had a better reaction time.  He grabbed the reigns for Enchilada, his donkey, with one hand, and Paco’s arm with the other, pulling the taco to his feet.  “Come on!”

Bob jumped astride Enchilada, pulling his friend up behind him, “Let’s get out of here!”

And off they rode, Enchilada galloping for all he was worth (which wasn’t much, he was only a burro after all) but the llamas continued to get closer and closer behind them.

“We’re not going to make it!” Paco’s voice shook as he looked back.

The speeding llamas were gaining ground and the gap between them and the fleeing burro was narrowing.  Bob, always a quick thinker, had an idea.  He turned to Enchilada at an angle, hoping to outrun the llamas for long enough to bypass the end of their line.

“They’re still getting closer!” Paco’s voice was panicked now.

“Don’t be so negative,” Bob responded, trying to keep his own voice level.  He wanted to encourage his friend but he didn’t know if they would make it either.  He could see the end of the line coming closer but the llamas were still gaining.  It was impossible to tell which would arrive first – freedom or thousands of Burrito-crushing llama hooves.  This was going to be a close one.

The llamas were only a few meters away now – in seconds they would either rush by or completely destroy the two friends and their mount.  Paco closed his eyes and braced for impact.

But it never came.  Like a wind whistling through the treetops, the llamas rushed past them on one side.  They had cleared the stampede!  Bob pulled Enchilada to a halt and watched as the rest of the llamas careened past them.  His heart pounded louder than the hooves of the llamas and his breathing was heavy.

Just then Paco burst out laughing.

“What?” Bob asked, “What could possibly be funny about this?”

It took several seconds for Paco to compose himself for long enough to respond to his friend’s question.  “No one is going to believe me when I tell them that llamas destroyed my homework!”

The End

All  main conflict  and the characters’ nameswere supplied by my students.  I hope this brightened your day, even a little.

Because, sometimes, we all just need to laugh.

Grace and peace,




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