A Question of Comfort

20170827_101157.jpgSo… I’m not in the desert anymore.  In fact, I’m in the mountains… surrounded by trees… and it rained all evening.  I’m almost 2000 miles from the place I’ve so recently learned to call “home.”

And I’ll be staying here for quite a while.

I’m in Tennessee, training to work as a mentor for kids at a unique ministry called Wears Valley Ranch.  It’s a children’s home…. and a boarding school… and a ranch.  The kids won’t return from their summer break for almost a week but I’m already excited to meet them.

Well, excited is one word… nervous is another which would work just as well in this context… terrified might be slightly too strong to describe my emotional state… slightly.

It was a long road to get here – and I’m not just talking about the days spent driving along I-40 – it took quite a while for me to give in to the call to come here. True, I was ready, willing, and excited when I first applied.  But as I considered more of the implications of what this type of job entailed I started to wonder if, in fact, the Lord had called me to this place at all.  I wanted to stay in Phoenix.  I wanted to stay near SIMC so I could keep working with the camp program.  I wanted to stay near my family.  I wanted to stay.

I was comfortable where I was – and that was a problem.

You see, I am a firm believer that God doesn’t call people to be comfortable.  The Bible is full of accounts in which men and women of God are directed into very uncomfortable, even dangerous situations.  In these times, these people are forced to rely upon Him for every need.  God didn’t care if Elijah was comfortable living in a ravine.  Or if David was comfortable living in a cave with a bunch of other sweaty me.  Or if Mary was comfortable looking like she had been unfaithful to her fiance.  Or if Noah and his family were comfortable living on a floating zoo for a year.  Their comfort was not of consequence to God.

But their faith – their obedience – was.

So yes, I was reluctant to leave where I was comfortable.  I admit that I cried several times, struggling with the reality of my plans.  But I came anyway, trusting in God to make something beautiful out of my obedience.

Grace and Peace,



3 thoughts on “A Question of Comfort

  1. We’ll be praying for you Heather. Thanks for sharing honestly about your thoughts and fears and uncertainties. We’ve been in that position too. Nice that when you arrive you find the Lord already there waiting for you!


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